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What is MySchoolManager?

MySchoolManager is a Complete School Information Management System (SIMS). It is a Solution designed to handle academic and administrative operations of all school categories.It offers full, end to end student lifestyle and account managaement solution. It delivers robust features to meet the demanded needs of today's educational sector. The Architecture is such that enables school implement and begin usage in minutes. Additional hardware and software integration is not required in most cases, It delivers seamlessly integrated functionality all encompassed in a single package to meet requirement of the school Community.

It is an integrated application that spans across all functional requirements and departments of educational institution and societies. It is modular in design hence it can grow as institutional requirement grows. It grows with you, ensuring that you do not invest money in features you do not need today until when needed.

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Latest Updates...

MySchoolManager 2.0

    MySchoolManager Academic v2.0 was released in September 2010 with extended features, changed Interface, and SMS integration. Major changes included the re-construction of the Software using a Modular Approach where each key Module are deployed as an integrated Software. Call us today and find out more ...

MySchoolManager 1.2

    Patch Updates has been added to the 1.1 version of MySchoolManager, This addtion incudes the use of gradepoints, overall class positions and some validity patch files

Market Trends

    MySchoolManager is moving to be the All-in-One National School Management Solution. The acceptance of the system in the different states brings in the innovation of a Distributed National Solution. And this brings in Benefits for you, yes for you More>>Benefits